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Summer has come and gone on my hemisphere, and many incredible things happened. I've been at the local craft fair for the whole summer selling my paper jewelry and accessories (I know, I should upload pics of those so you can see), and I've had amazing feedback. Everyone loved it. Now my self esteem is much better and I can emotionally function again.
Now the summer is over, I can go back to my art passion again and grow, grow, grow! I still find that not many people want to go through the learning process. They just want to take the tool and make great pieces instantly. Like that's going to happen, right? I'm blessed that I find the theory and learning process fascinating. In fact, I should practice more and study less! How about you? Do you enjoy learning?

Anyway, since I'm celebrating art, learning it, practicing it and being inspired by it, here's a feature of...

10 Inspiring Deviations:

omm by d0rn Night and Day by jeshannon :Organika V.1 by atobgraphics Plum Blossoms - by puimun '' as you wished '' by arghavan
Life alone is such a curse by dispathy the underdog by lukeroberts Sir Kurush by anry Serenity by TrollGirl

10 Inspiring Deviants:

:iconsocar: :iconskia: :iconfaboarts: :icondahlig: :iconculpeo-fox: :iconpuimun: :iconjenniferhealy: :iconkitsune-seven: :iconkekiero: :iconhontor:

10 of my friends on DA:

:iconaxxonita: :iconeponce: :iconndye: :iconnevermindless: :iconsilwenka: :icondeloulark: :iconrykk: :iconzzzzra: :iconzueuk: :iconfractalgarden:

Mind you, most of these ten above are not active here on DA anymore. Maybe they are seeking inspiration elsewhere? Maybe I also need new friends, especially here because I have no real friends to truly and deeply discuss about art with!

Ok, speaking of no friends... my last list: 10 things that inspire me and my art.

  1. The universe.
    Most would say "nature" instead, but I mean almost the same thing, only beyond our world, too. The beauty, mystery and wonder that it produces just by observing it...
  2. Colors.
    Sometimes something catches my eye without knowing what it is (yet), but I have to go take a better look because the colors are calling me! And I don't mean just something colorful, or rainbow-ish (although that obviously catches my eye), but color combinations that just speak to me.
  3. Catharsis.
    Depicting emotions, some internal stuff that's crying to get out and be exorcised. And when it's done right, it moves me like no other thing does.
  4. Empathy.
    Realizing that we are, primarily, empathic beings is crucial for changing the world for the better. Art can help in this SO much.
  5. Talent.
    This is probably the one thing that keeps me going when I'm down. It's crazy, but when I see that amount of talent there is out there, it gives me hope.
  6. Animals.
    Not just observing them (that would go up in the "universe" section), but their behavior, psychology and relationship with us and each-other.
  7. Improvement.
    Evolution, betterment. In every way possible. Of art itself, of the capacity to observe, of human kind, of myself.
  8. Beauty.
    Whatever that means. Or whatever I consider beautiful, of course.
  9. Fantasy, dreams, surrealism.
    Things that can't be possible other than in realms beyond our physical current reality.
  10. Activism.
    Using art to help better our world. When done right, it can really help spread a message.

Ok, this one has been long! Thank you for bearing with me. And tell me if something you read or saw here sparked an interest. And, as usual, I wish you ART!

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Submitted on
April 24, 2013